Adopted Horses

Just In Time was an off-the-track thoroughbred who’s owners withheld feed in order to punish him for being aggressive at feeding time and pushing their other horse away from the feed.  (Horses do not think this way and withholding food is NOT an effective means of training them to do anything.)  The owners eventually sold him to a known slaughter house buyer.  Fortunately, the buyer recognized the horse’s talent and called Kelly’s trainer.  Six small meals a day, daily treatment of rain rot and many patient hours by both Kelly and her trainer led to his recovery and new career as a show jumper.


Nodin came to us from a rescue in Georgia that had fallen on hard times.  He was a 2 year old stallion.  Had never had his feet trimmed and was not even halter broken.  With many patient hours applying everything learned by Parelli training and everything else over the years, Nodin quickly became a favorite at play days.  He left us for a home on the Brighton Reservation where he does everything from working cattle, taking slow trail rides with his new mom (bareback), or pole bending competitions with the new owner’s niece.  


Naughty came to us from a local home who had taken her in the year before, but had since fallen on hard times.  She was a registered Missouri Fox Trotter and proven brood mare, but her hind legs were so crooked that riding her (or breeding her again) would endanger her soundness.  We found a nice home for her in Jupiter with an experienced owner who needed a companion for her retired show horse.


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