Keeping horses in south Florida is different than in any other part of the country.  Our "soil" is low nutrient sand which is suitable for growing bahai, a low nutrient forage.  Supplemental nutrition is necessary in most of our region (except in the muck soils near the center of the state).  The sand is fine and perfect for causing sand colic.  Prevention of colic is greatly preferred over the cure.

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons - We specializing in confidence building for horse and rider. Over 30 years experience with all ages of horses from birth to seniors. Hunt seat, dressage, horsemanship lessons - and trailer driving assistance. Has it been a while since you've done something new with your horse? Does your horse meet you at the gate? He should. Learn ground exercises to help prepare horses for riding and begin riding in harmony with your horse. Our horse or yours. Private lessons $45/hour

Trailering and trailering asssistance.  We have over 35 years of experience hauling over sizing loads and have been hauling horses for 13 years.  After running a transportation company for over a decade, we know the logistics for long and short range hauls.  Need help improving your backing skills?  We can help with that too.

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